Welcome to Saudee Group

Saudi Gold has grown to be most recognised food brands in the Northern Malaysian Region.

Saudee Group is amongst

the largest and most progressive

packaged food manufacturer in Malaysia.

Saudee Group of Companies was founded in 1985 with the two subsidiaries, Perusahaan Saudee Sdn Bhd and Saudi Cold Storage Sdn. Bhd. Manufacturing plant is located in the heart of Kedah’s industrial area in Sungai Petani. At present, we are amongst the largest and most progressive processed frozen food manufacturers in Malaysia, with a total workforce of 500 personnel. We specialized in manufacturing of frozen processed food products such as burger patties, nuggets, sausages, meat balls and many others.

Our company’s focus is to produce innovative products to beat the competition and be one of the largest produced OEM products. Our flagship brand Saudi Gold and Farm’s Gold are represented at all major retail outlets throughout Malaysia and has been recognized as one of the most innovative products in the market. It’s the result of our long-standing success of 36 years in the production of high quality frozen food.

Our Mission

& Vision

Our mission is to become the market leader in terms of volume share, quality, innovation, service and profitability. To that end, the company is transforming itself to become the premium food manufacturer in the country and indeed in the South East Asian region as well.

In near future, we will improve in many aspects of our business from establishing a world class supply chain, upgrading to the most modern and latest machinery and processes, the advancement of skills for our employees and integration of information and communication technology.

We will also embark on an aggressive plan to establish and expand our presence in other South East Asian, Middle East and European market. With that in mind, we will continuous strive to become a company that delivers exceptional and incomparable value to our customers, employees and stake holders.

Saudi Gold

Saudi Gold products are of superior quality because only the freshest ingredients and latest manufacturing processes are used to produce products of and exceptional quality, taste and flavor. Saudi Gold produce to cater to the premium market. This market comprises of gourmet food products that using only the finest grade ingredients, and satisfy the most demanding taste buds. Saudi Gold product ranges are Bratwursts, Sausages, Nuggets, Burger patties, Meat balls, Fried Chicken, Minced Meat and Pastry. Our existing clients are mostly frozen wholesalers, international key account hyper markets, local key account supermarkets, food and beverage stores, hotels, and other eateries.

Farm’s Gold

Farm’s Gold products range is relatively value for money without compromising on product quality. They are made using the finest ingredients to provide excellent quality and taste we have become synonymous with. Farm’s Gold product ranges are Frankfurter, Nuggets, Meat balls and Burgers. Our existing clients are mainly wholesalers and cash and carry stores where food hawkers and school canteen operators will buy from these channels.